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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  March 28, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news on the cw. perjury trial gets intimate... what e testified prov it is the kind of witness that a prosecute absolutey wants to use. >> what evidence his exmistress testified proves he used steroids. whenever people long to be free, they will find a friend in the united states. >> the president defends his decision to commit u.s. forces for libyan freedom fighters. how well did he make his case to the american people? and more dramatic video of a coastal city in japan being wiped away and new questions tonight being raised about how the country is coping with its nuclear crisis. and a huge hunk of rock in san francisco bay. it could be yours at a bargain price. good evening. i'm dana king. there was stunning and at times very graphic testimony in
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the barry bonds' murder case today. his mistress described bonds as increasingly angry and at times impotent due to steroids. why her motives are being called into question. >> reporter: she was called for one explosive reason. >> she's going to provide the jury with her statement talking about mr. bounds' admission about using steroids -- mr. bonds' admission. >> she had left with him -- she had slept with bonds since 1994. he had trouble maintaining and he recollection. . he said steroids caused the injury because tendons grew to
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fast. >> choking back the tears, she testified his timber was growing along with his shoe and capsize. one argument led him to threaten to cut off my head and leave me in a ditch. before his record setting home run season, he threatened to cut off my breast implants because he paid for them. >> and that's the lynch opinion of that witness. those admissions would normally be considered hearsay because they are statements against interest, they will be admitted and they will be very important for the jury to hear. >> i think she's definitely a sensational witness. >> he says that does not equal ." >> the type of witness you want is somebody who is not bias or partial. >> reporter: paid $100,000 to pose understood for play boy -- nude for play boy but only
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after reports of steroid reports breck in the media. he was her gravy train until he ended the relationship. >> if i was the defense, that's one offed things i would be arguing to the jury. if this is the best they got, maybe their case isn't as strong as they believe. >> we expect the former mistress to continue to be cross-examined tomorrow. you will recall, jason's leaked grand jury testimony revealed he used several different steroids. >> interesting testimony today. i'm just wondering what it has to do with perjury. in the end, i guess the federal prosecutors are trying to layer this case. >> what's his character like. >> absolutely. >> i got you. thank you. well, the president says the united states took action to stop a massacre.
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but now nato will take the reigns in an operation to protect civilians in libya. i said that america's role would be libya and we would not put ground troops into libya, we would focus our capabilities on the front end and we would transfer our responsibility to other allies and partners. tonight we are fulfilling that pledge. >> reporter: he said libya would be better off with qadaffi out of power. and he will pursue that goal but only through nonmilitary means. even so, nato control may not put the u.s. in the back seat as the organization is department natured both militarily and politically by the united states. in addition to our nato dudes, the president says the united states will provide assistance to the libyan people. we will safeguard $33 billion in the qadaffi regime's frozen assets to help rebuild the
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country. tomorrow, what kind of pressure -- can put on qadaffi. the speech aired at 4:30 our time. that is a tough time to get people's attention out here. >> reporter: at uc berkeley, president obama was on the big screen tv but no one was watching. students campaigned for campus offices. it's unlikely any had seen the president's speech. >> did you hear the president's speech today? >> no. >> did you hear the president speak on libya today? >> i didn't, no. >> but some here had hard opinions that were unlikely to be changed. >> i think we should have not gotten involved. we have two wars already and that's enough. we should get out of afghanistan, get out of iraq,
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stay home, take care of the schools. >> we did find a few who had heard the speech on raid joe. >> i think he's doing a good job, he's trying to assure people that we have a limited involvement. >> ive saw myself rolling my eyes a little bit, but, yeah, for the reasons they were talking about invading libya. >> reporter: it was not a scientific sample, but it was surprising that so few people had watched the speech. perhaps there was another explanation. perhaps it was the other. >> when he does his state of the union speech, it's timed to accommodate people's work schedules. >> one person who did watch it was joe. >> he laid out the time table for all the decisions that were made and the logic behind them. the one thing that he didn't do tonight, in fairness, is layout a clear and convincing argument
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for what our specific strategic interest in libya outside of humanitarian interest is. they could not h tonight, anti-qadaffi fighters are threat fling the leader's hometown. they could not have held their ground without international air strikes. they will have to engage in street to street fighting. that's beyond the experience of most of the fighters. in japan the discovery of highly toxic flew toneium in the -- soil is raising new safety concerns. japan's nuclear safety agency today called the failure to keep radioactive material sealed inside the plant "deplorable." workers are trying to pump out pools of radioactive water before they can restore electricity to cool the overheating reactors. we spoke with a fist sift who says we could learn some lessons. >> you come to the conclusion
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that someone like homer simpson is running a nuclear power station. >> it may sound funny, but he has harvard and berkeley degrees to back up his analysis. >> i think people are voting with their feet in terms of the jab knees reaction -- japanese reaction. we see incompetence. we see low estimates. >> he is the author of the best selling book, if we see a meltdown, it's a meltdown of confidence. now it's all coming down. the fact that they underestimated consistently the dangers of a tsunami. >> he came to palo alto tonight to talk to the commonwealth club about physics but he says the lesson is that the relationship and the utility company that run the plant is too cozy. >> there is enough blame took around in a sense that the government took the lead of the
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utilities, and the low ball assessments gave rosie assessments of things. >> he says it will change the way american nuclear policy is handled in the future. >> they are not designed to handle the big one. they are designed to handle like garden variety earthquake. >> he does not see a wholesale abandonment of nuclear power in america. we are still getting new images of the terrifying -- terrifying force of the tsunami. this was posted on youtube. it shows the moment of impact 300 miles northeast of tokyo. within minutes, cars, trucks, even entire buildings were
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swept. san dee abblew has declared a state of emergency. the land gave way last week. three homes have been yellow tagged now, but city inspectors say while the soil is still moving, the homes are not showing any new signs of cracking. and cleanup crews were on the job today following a second flash food in three days. water gushed from a storm pipe on saturday. roads have been reopened how, but most flooded shops remain closed. and checking other bay area headlines now. the sheriff's office is investigating a police stop that left a map -- man dead. they pulled over a 24-year-old in bay point about 1:00 a.m. when they attempted to arrest him, they say he took off hitting one of the officers.
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the deputies partner fired fatally wounding him. a high school stupid has been -- student has been found guilty for trying to kill his teachers forgiving him bad grades. he set off two pipe bombs in 2009 and was carrying more bombs, a sword and a chainsaw when he was arrested. a jury is still deliberating additional charges and then will decide whether he was sane while committing those crimes. a guilty verdict in the case of a professional poke are player charged with killing his parents. it took place in 2008. he was convicted of beating his mother and father with a baseball bat to get a roughly $1 million inheritance. he faces life in prison with no chance of parole. coming up, an exemployeding newspaper sends an elderly man to the hospital. a landmark in san francisco
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bay is for sale again. what it will cost you to buy it. what the sellers say you can do with it. and a hefty reward for a wife. how a san francisco man is using cyberspace to find his future bride. we're going to segway completely from winter to two days of spring and summer. we will top off in the 80ss.
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tonight, vacaville police are not sure whether the man wounded by a newspaper bomb was targeted or whether it was just
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a random act. several newspapers were left on driveways in a neighborhood on sunday. a man in his 80s picked up a paper that blew up. it was on another man's property. that homeowner tells our sister station in sacramento that investigators say the newspaper was older and contained a battery pack and a switch. >> this is the first time anything like this has happened in our town. obviously, residents are justified in their concern. >> so far, no suspects have been named. the victim nearly lost a finger. he came out of surgery this afternoon and is in serious condition. union square this morning, an electrical problem underground sent a manhole cover sailing into the air. luckily no one was hurt. pg&e says they are in the
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process of replacing the covers. you have heard the joke about the bridge for sale. there is an island that's also on the market here in the bay area. it's red rock island. they are asking $22 million for the island. elizabeth cook shows us what you get for that. >> so how often does somebody walk into your office and say i would like to buy an island today. >> it hasn't happened yet. >> steven has a one of a kind property he wants to sell. red rock island is the only privately owned island in the san francisco bay. its asking price is $22 million. >> it's pretty spectacular. it's 360 degrees for sure. >> it's just shy of 6 acres and the highest peak is 170 feet above the water. it also touches three counties,
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marin -- and san francisco. >> you have to get a permit to do anything, so obviously the counties are going to have a say over it. then the public would possibly have a cry depending on what it is you you want to do. >> a businessman bought the island back in the 1960s. but his plans to build a hotel or casino went nowhere. >> well, they get the island. we've been sort of with a smile on our face saying you get the island and bragging rights. >> he hopes the buyer is more interested than donating than digging. >> it would be a person with deep pockets that says i will pay cash for the island because the biggest portion would go to the east bay park system. a san francisco entrepreneur is offering up $10,000 to the person who introduces him to his future
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wife. here he is. chaz. he's about to turn 41. he likes monkeys, tennis and skate boarding. he considers himself witty and optimistic. he's looking for someone who is fun, kind, spoken takenious and -- spontaneous and has a good sense of humor. if you would like to learn more about how to hook him up, we have a link on our site. 10,000 would go along way in applies ---- a place like las vegas. >> he's not looking for that kind of wife. it's like you have to go back to march 12th. that was the last time we had sunshine here. now, tomorrow precipitation- free but that's after tonight.
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partly cloudy temperatures, tri- valley all the way -- tomorrow morning go ahead and stash the umbrella. leave it at home. grab your sunglasses and yes head on out the door with temperatures into the 40s. we do have high pressure, areas of low pressure we will to the north of us. -- well to the north of us. it will leave us with a few clouds spilling over the ridge of high pressure but overall we will have some partly sunny conditions. then by mid-week, wednesday and thursday, offshore flow kicks in resulting in near or record warmth. in santa cruz, we are forecasting 83. that could shatter a record established back in 1900. santa rosa should break or at least tie their record. now, meanwhile, tomorrow's temperatures very similar to today. you will have a few clouds. a westerly wind as well. numbers in the 60s, below 70
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degrees. as we look ahead towards the extended forecast, we're talking about that warming trend on wednesday and thursday. a few clouds enter the horizon on friday. that will leave the potential of rain returning on saturday. but then partial clearing on sunday and also on monday. this photograph was sent to us by missy. you got to love her. she took a trip this weekend to clear lake. she sent me this photograph. it's called valor. that's what i named it. >> i got the biggest reception going to the car wash. >> maybe it was chaz. tonight's good question coming up. versus toyota. which is better?
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today. he successfully climbed the world's tallest building. it took him just over 6 hours to climb the building to the top. he has climbed more than 70 sky scrapers including the empire state building and the -- a lot of people looking for ways to save in this economy and hitting the thrift stores to do just that. mike in san francisco asks: how are clothes processed, sorted and cleaned before they hit the racks at good will? and did the cardinal advan it's one of the busiest stores in san francisco and there is nothing knew about it. clothes, shoes, books, you know, electronics, house wears, any number of different things. >> michael is the material donations manager for good will. and he over sees the tons much item that come in by truck from
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the 28 donation sites in california. >> it goes to our several warehouses that we have where the items are sorted by category and whether it's good or bad. >> he says items are checked for cleanliness. they don't launder anything here. some of the 700 employees will eventually go through everything and even the old beat up clothing is used. nothing goes to waste. >> old tennis shoes get recycled. >> what do they turn them into. >> they get turned into the -- everything else ends up getting a price tag and out here in one of good wills 18 stores. computers, coats, jeans, kids' clothes, you name it. >> a friend's of mine was in last week and found a -- bought it for 3.49. she was so proud of it. >> that's a steal. >> yes.
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go to the bay bridge series begins. did the cardinal advance to the final four? tipoff is next. versus toyota. which is better?
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[ male announcer ] why do so many car companies compare themselves to toyota? maybe it's because toyota has more hybrids on the road than all other automakers combined. like the 50-mpg-rated prius, the best selling hybrid in america.
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and prius was also named a best overall value of the year. plus, every new toyota comes with toyotacare, a complimentary maintenance plan with roadside assistance. we're #1 for a reason. come see for yourself. hurry in for the best selection. ♪ hostile gonzaga crowd stood in stanford was looking to go to the fourth final four, but -- stood in their way. they got some home cooking, courtney scored 167 condition second active -- 16 consecutive points. stanford was up 5 points after
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3. somehow, layup, 21-point lead. they win by 23. stanford headed to the final four. the cardinal seniors hasn't missed one for their entire career. notre dame beat -- by 14. final four for the first time since 2001. barton ties the giants off matt cain. it's a 3-3 ballgame in the bay bridge series. you can tell it goodbye. aubrey huff. they were shocked the ball did not get in the water. it's great to have baseball back. i think it's going to be longer than sooner. that means belt is probably going to be your first baseman. >> couple of guys out for a
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while. >> all right. coming back at 11:00 on cbs 5.
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